Monday, October 8, 2007

Essentia Geisha Hair Sticks

My next endeavour into hair accessories were Geisha Hair Sticks. Having my main store on Hinode Shima, an Asian themed island, I often had to look no further than just outside my store for inspiration. The hair sticks were also my first real attempt at playing with tiny prims, the detail on the hair sticks and connectors. The hanging roses are a variation on my original hair rose. They come in two colors, silver and gold, and look great with up dos. The attach point for the hair sticks is the chin. And, as all Essentia items, the hair sticks are transfer so easily giftable. They are also on OnRez and SLX with the rest of my items if you prefer shopping outside of SL. Links to my OnRez and SLX stores as well as a SLURL to my in world stores can be found on the side bar to your left.

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